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Built by Kitsons of Leeds in 1904. During 1999 a major overhaul was completed including a new firebox. 

Currently on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, No29 is in excellent working order and pristine condition, always ready for its next turn of duty.

No 29 was built by Kitsons of Leeds in 1904

Works No 4263

Cylinders 19’’x26’’stroke

Valve gear Allen straight link with slide valves.

Tractive Effort 24,500 lbs.

Wheelbase coupled 15’—00’’ total 22’—6’’

Height 12’—l0’’ Width 8’—9’’ length 33’-6’’

Axle Loadings Leading 15t — l0cwt

Driving 15t — 9cwt
Trailing 15t — 4cwt
Radial 14t — 7cwt
Total 60t — l0cwt

Wheel Dia Driving 4’—4’’ Radial


Inside Tyre Dia Driving 3’—ll 5/8’’ Radial 2’—ll 5/8’’

Boiler Pressure 160 psi

Tubes 176 x 2’’dia length 12’—l’’

Boiler barrel length 11’-6’’ dia 4’—4’’

Heating surface tubes 1114 sq ft


Firebox 108 sq ft

Total 1222 sq ft

Grate area 20.2 sq ft


Water capacity 1,400 galls Coal capacity 2 1/2 tons


Major overhauls 8/36,6/42,9/49,7/56,12/59,3/64,10/68.


New boiler 1924,1946*. New firebox 7/57,10/68. New tyres 8/36,9/49,12/59

* This new boiler was made by Stephensons & Hawthorns.


During 1999 a major overhaul was completed which will included a new firebox.

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